Action Type - Email Candidate

Follow the steps below to add a Candidate Merge Document Email Action to a rule on a job. The following action can also be configured against the assessment process template. 

  1. Click on the Jobs tab.

  2. Click on the Job Reference number to access the job card.

  3. Hover over the Candidate Groups & Assessment tab.

  4. Select Edit Assessment Process.

  5. Click Add Rule to the step you want this rule to execute from.

  6. Complete the rule setup fields.

  7. Once complete click Save.

  8. Click Add Action.

  9. Select Email Candidate as the Action Type.

  10. Select the Merge Document Template then click Save.

  11. Click Select Assessment Process Email Template.

  12. Select the email template.

  13. Click Save and Review to preview the email.

  14. Click Finish to finalise.
  15. Click Save to complete.